This webcam is sure to trigger uneasiness in many people. What you see here is an Anthropomorphic Webcam. We often don’t give a second thought about webcams. While some users are wary of it being hacked, that’s not the point. The point is, a webcam could be spying at us and nothing says louder and clearer than a webcam that takes the form of a realistic human eye. It like saying “you are being watched.”

Anthropomorphic Webcam Saarland University

The realism is not just in appearance. The eyeball can actually look around and like real humans’, it blinks too. Kind of creepy and awesome all at the same time. The only thing it can’t do is shed tears. If it could do that, then you will be needing an IP-rated computer monitor!

The Anthropomorphic Webcam is developed by Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCI) at Saarland University, located in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Anthropomorphic Webcam Saarland University

However, it is not designed to remind us of webcam could be watching us. It was developed to make us “speculate on the past, present, and the future of technology.” The Eyecam is a prototype at this point, developed with the objective of exploring the potential future design of sensing devices.

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Perfect companion to other hyperrealistic creations like the human mouth coin purse, hyperrealistic ear phone case and the likes.

Anthropomorphic Webcam Saarland University

Contained inside this compact unit are six servos that act has muscles in a human eye, affording it to look around like biological human eye and closing the eyelid. The latter will result in the camera going dark.

Great. Now all we need is a monitor that looks like a human face and another Eyecam to make the party on the end to see us in 3D. Just kidding. I am sure the researchers won’t be doing that. Right? Right?

Oh, did we mention that it reacts to human touch and it does tracking too? Yep. Apparently, it does:

Anthropomorphic Webcam Saarland University

Anyone’s interested, may learn more about the Eyecam by Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCI) Anthropomorphic Webcam HERE.

Images: Saarland University [DE].

Source: Technabob.

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