Sharp Smart Microwave Ovens Are WiFi-connected, Alexa-enabled, And Tuned For Popping Popcorn

Sharp has recently revealed its first smart countertop microwave ovens that boasts WiFi connectivity and Alexa compatibility. The Sharp Smart Carousel Countertop Microwave Oven is offered in two sizes: a 1.1 cu.ft. (SMC1139FS) and 1.4 cu.ft. (SMC1449FS).

Sharp Revealed Full Built-in Kitchen Suite This Weekend At Nationwide Primetime Show

No. Sharp has not gotten into interior decoration. But it very might be because, Sharp Electronics Company of America has just unveiled its first-ever full built-in kitchen suite – not including the cabinets, of course. The Full Built-in Kitchen Suite by Sharp includes the first-ever IoT-enabled kitchen appliances with the full line comprising of SuperSteam […]

Sharp Is Getting Into Mirrorless Camera With A 8K Micro 3/4 Camera

Those who have been hitting up Consumer Electronics Show for the past years may have noticed a big brand in Central Hall, LVCC, that hadn’t been there for the last four years or so. That big brand is Sharp. Sharp appeared at this year’s CES for first time in 4 four years and it was […]

Sharp Unveiled The World’s First 8K TV, But Do The World Really Need It?

Just as the world is still being enthralled by eye-watering 4K resolution TV, Sharp announces AQUOS 8K, the world’s first 8K-compatible TVs and displays. Holy mother of… 7,680 x 4,320 pixels! Imagine! And guess what? It is not even a prototype. It is already destined for four markets, namely, Japan, China, Taiwan, and EU, starting […]

Sharp Aquos S2 Looks Like A Cross Between Essential Phone And iPhone 8

When it comes to crazy screen-to-body ratio and “bezel-less” smartphone, Sharp is no doubt the forerunner while others are merely just catching up. That being said, up to this point and after several devices that tout bezel-less design, Sharp has proven itself to be the purveyor of innovations. The company seems to hell-bent in getting […]

Only In Japan, You Will Get To Buy Star Wars-themed Android Phones

Star Wars movies are set in, presumably, a civilization far more advanced than mankind. However, the funny thing was, there were no smartphone or anything vaguely resembles one that could let them communicate at will like we do. Lucky for us, we do have this technology available to us and hence, we, specifically folks residing […]

RoBoHon is a Walking, Talking, Pico-projecting Robot That’s Also an Android Smartphone

When we first read about Sharp’s RoBoHon, we seriously don’t know what to make of it. At a glance, it appears to be yet another super cute robot toy that the Land of the Rising Sun has to offer, but in reality, it is more than meets the eye – much, much, more. It is, […]

Roku Introduces New Full HD Roku TV by Sharp, Priced at $380 and Up

While the rest of the world are all over Android TV, Roku is working hard to infiltrate more TVs so you could have “access to the biggest streaming channel line up in the industry” without the need for set-top box. It may look like Roku is cannibalizing its own market; perhaps they are but it […]

Sharp’s Near Bezel-less AQUOS Crystal Ditches Earpiece For Direct Wave Technology

rejoice bezel-haters. Sharp has a new handset that will take you one step closer to the bezel-less utopia you have been dreaming of for like forever and the smartphone that took this giant leap to the applause of the bezel-hating community is the Sharp AQUOS Crystal. as we all know, reduction in bezel size is […]

Sharp AQUOS SH-04F Smartphone Touts A Whopping 81% Screen Size Ratio

the obvious problem with large display smartphone is the overall handset size. it is a ‘problem’ manufacturers can’t change, so the best bet is to stretch the display as much without bumping up the physical size. that means, cutting the bezel size as much as the technology allows and such is what Sharp has done […]