Those who have been hitting up Consumer Electronics Show for the past years may have noticed a big brand in Central Hall, LVCC, that hadn’t been there for the last four years or so. That big brand is Sharp. Sharp appeared at this year’s CES for first time in 4 four years and it was there for good reasons. The company had brought along many products, but the actual motive, IMHO, was to show off its 8K products, including a surprise product, a 8K Micro 4/3 camera.

Sharp 8K Camera Revealed At CES 2019

That’s right. Sharp is pushing into the prosumer imaging market and from what it seems, it is getting warmed up with this Sharp 8K Camera you see here. Not surprisingly, that little is known about this little guy which was in fact a prototype. All we read was it has a Micro Four Thirds sensor that can record up to 8K at 30 fps and it has a fully articulated 5-inch display, built-in sensor stabilization, headphone jack, a full-size HDMI port, audio-in port, a microphone jack, and a card slot that, according to our source, looks like UHS II SD card slot.

Sharp 8K Camera Revealed At CES 2019

As said, the spec is unknown, but from the I/Os, it seems like this camera is targeted at Vloggers or amateur movie makers. Then again, the price may suggests otherwise. It is rumored that this device will cost a cool $5,000 when it eventual becomes available. Now, you don’t need to be a camera buff to know that the market is not lacking of Micro Four Thirds brands and models, and Sharp being new to this field, might be facing an uphill task and the price there, if proven to be true, won’t be of any help. And oh, so is the rather nondescript design. Just saying…

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Anyways, now you know. If you are adventurous enough and have the dole to drop, then brace yourself for this little fellow this year. Availability is not known, btw, but we heard that the final specifications are supposed to be revealed at the upcoming NAB Show, or sometime in Q2 2019. Hopefully, you will hear when it is hitting the market by then too.

Images: YouTube (Kinotika).

Source: The Photographer.

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