U-Boat Worx Nexus Series Personal Submarine

Save for the Cruise Sub series, the personal subs from U-boat Worx are mostly lonely, underwater affairs – unless the sub pilot is a friend. Imagine going ga-ga over odd-looking aquatic animals but no one to share right there and then. But with the new U-Boat Worx Nexus Series, you can share the join of an underwater flight with 6-7 people.

U-Boat Worx Nexus Series Personal Submarine

You must be thinking. Don’t already Cruise Sub offers that and for even more occupants? Indeed but the gang will have to split into two groups, into two separate “pods”. Not exactly very together, is it?

The U-Boat Worx Nexus Series, on the other hand, lets the entire entourage cocoon inside a spacious, luxuriously appointed bubble, allowing everyone to discuss their excitement.

Naturally, the field of view is expansive, to say the least. I mean, imagine combining two bubbles into one longish, pill shape-like bubble. That view will be hard to beat unless you swim outside. The futuristic-looking, subsea vessel boasts 900-914 liters (238-241 gallons) of interior space per adult and can be configured to accommodate up to 9 people.

U-Boat Worx Nexus Series Personal Submarine

“The seating arrangement consists of 3 luxury full-size business-class seats for adults on both sides of the pilot. The pilot has a fixed seat at the center of the submarine. The NEXUS 8 has a user-configurable seat. This full-size seat for a guest, scientist, or expedition leader can easily be converted to a comfortable bench that seats two children up to the age of 12. This would result in the NEXUS 8 to accommodate 1 pilot, 6 adults, and 2 children – a total of 9 occupants!”

So, yes, the Nexus is not just for leisure. It is good for expeditions and explorations too. It is highly maneuverable also – thanks to the multiple propulsions spread across the vehicle that allows the pilot to have omnidirectional control and move in any direction.

U-Boat Worx Nexus Series Personal Submarine

Moreover, it boasts a 90 cm (35 inches) freeboard that facilitates the ease of boarding without getting the wet feet while the large hatch allows not only further improve ingress and egress, but is also suitable for the installation of an optional elevator for even easier boarding for all ages.

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The sub is rated for 200 meters (650 feet) depth, has a top speed of 3 knots, and has an 18-hour long runtime.

For info, you may refer to the Nexus series product page.

U-Boat Worx Nexus Series Personal Submarine

Images: U-Boat Worx.

via Luxury Launches.