Cobra PhoneTag keeps your tagged item in check

Cobra PhoneTag 544x330px
(image credit: Cobra Electronics via Uncrate) Cobra PhoneTag | US$59.95 |

Cobra PhoneTag is not a revolutionary idea but somehow nobody actually put it in practical product. the closest we could think is the Luggage Finder that we featured last year. anyway, this $59.95 gadget is essentially a 2-way separation alarm between your smartphone and other valuable items.
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all users have to do is to attached the item they want to protect from loss with the Cobra Tag sensor. the sensor communicates via Bluetooth with your smartphone free app, and ring an alarm if you leave your tagged items behind. it works the other way too. tapping the button on the Cobra Tag triggers a ring on your smartphone, helping you to locate your smartphone easily. finding your house or car keys couldn’t been easier with them tagged. just use the phone app to make the Cobra Tag ring to locate your misplace tagged items. pretty cool, huh?

Cobra PhoneTag 544x468px

Cobra via Uncrate

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