Spring is the perfect time to take a deep clean through your garage. Whether you need to declutter, organize, or just get rid of some old junk you haven’t seen in years, there are tons of things you can do to make your space feel new again. Check out these tips from the pros on what they recommend for a successful and stress-free spring cleaning!

Garage Spring Cleaning Tips From The Pros
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1. Declutter

The first step should always be clearing out any clutter that has accumulated over the winter months. Start by sorting through everything and throwing away anything that doesn’t belong in your garage, this includes boxes left over from Christmas decorations or other seasonal items that have long since expired.

Next up is making sure all tools are put back where they belong so you’re not constantly searching for a missing item. Look out for any tools that are broken or in need of repair, this is a good time to consolidate your tool collection and get rid of anything that doesn’t work properly. You can even go as far as separating your tools into different categories, such as tools that are used only indoors, outdoors, or for auto repairs.

2. Organize

Now that the space is clear, think about ways you can better organize it. Make sure all shelves are clean and dust-free, then think about how you can optimize your storage, like installing overhead garage storage racks for example. Take some time to tidy up your shelves, hang tools on pegboards or hooks, or place them in labeled boxes that can be stored at the front of your space.

If you have a lot of one type of item, for example, winter boots, it would be a good idea to buy another boot tray or plastic container to store them in so they don’t take up too much space. Give special consideration to any items you want to keep but don’t really have a place for, this is a good time to invest in some storage solutions that work specifically for your collected items. Also, consider getting rid of any unnecessary storage that you don’t use anymore, this includes the half-empty paint cans in the corner or that old camping tent that hasn’t seen action in five years.

3. Get Rid of Junk

Now it’s time to get rid of any old or broken items you’ve been meaning to throw away forever. This is when you want to sort through anything that didn’t belong in the garage and decide what you can get rid of and what you can keep. You may find that there are things in your garage that you don’t even remember owning, pull them out and take a closer look to see if they’re worth anything.

If not, put them in the garbage or recycling bin. You might find that getting rid of an old camping chair is easier than expected, just make sure to donate items that are still functional and not damaged beyond repair! Once everything is cleared out, it’s time to do a final check of the space to make sure you got rid of any garbage and clutter.

4. Use your walls and drawers

Adding hooks or pegboards to the wall can be a great way to keep your tools organized and off the floor. This is especially useful if you use taller items, like ladders or rakes, because it will create more space for other things on the ground.

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On the other hand, don’t forget about using your vertical surfaces for storage as well! With a little bit of creativity, you can turn the space on your walls into useful storage with hanging racks or shelves. Drawers are a great way to store small items and tools so they don’t get lost under larger things. There are countless ways to configure drawer units based on your needs, and whether you want to add them in the garage itself or inside the house for extra storage.

5. Cleaning and making shelf space

Now that your garage is completely empty, it’s time for a deep clean of your storage and workspace area! Make sure all floors are swept or vacuumed then use a good mop or broom on the cement or asphalt. If you have a dirt floor, sweep it out with a broom and sprinkle baking soda in your boot trays to absorb any odors.

If you have large items that won’t fit in the overhead racks available in most garages, another good solution is to use long shelves on which you can store items that are bulky or tall. Simply attach them to the wall and you will have more storage space while also freeing up room elsewhere! Finally, give the walls a good clean too by simply wiping them down with soapy water and a sponge or cloth until they sparkle!

6. Get to work!

Once you’re done taking a deep clean through the space, it’s time to put everything back where it belongs and get your garage in order. If there are any items that won’t fit in the available storage, now is a good time to visit different stores or websites in search of alternatives that will suit your needs.

If you have any tools that are still in good condition but not being used, consider donating them to a local school or charity so they can be put to good use. Taking the time to clean your garage in the spring ensures that you have more room for your car or lawn equipment during the rest of the year. With these easy steps, you can finally say goodbye to clutter and make room for all of your favorite things!

Garage Spring Cleaning Tips From The Pros
Image: Pixabay (arnaudllamure0).

Now that we’ve covered the basics and how to get started, it’s time for you to take action. The best way to start is by getting rid of any old or broken items in your garage so you can make room for new things coming this spring. Take a deep clean through all areas of your garage, you might be surprised what you find lurking under piles!

Once everything has been decluttered and cleaned up, use these simple tricks to optimize space while maintaining order, add hooks or pegboards on the wall, hanging racks or shelves from the walls, create long shelving units if necessary, store smaller tools with larger ones, donate or sell unused items whenever possible. Now go forth into Spring feeling organized and refreshed!

Featured image: Pixabay (RyanMcGuire).

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