If you haven’t already noticed, there is a disturbing trend of designer labels turning everyday items into luxury jewelry. How is it disturbing, you ask? Well, because it, IMHO, may be a sign of creativity apocalypse. Designers have run out of ideas.

Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings

Designers are turning everyday items like a tin can into a thousand-dollar item, hose clamp into a bracelet, and taking household stuff like clothespins, cable ties, padlocks, and turning them into expensive jewelry. Speaking of padlock, AMBUSH isn’t alone.

Parisian fashion house Louis Vuitton has turned padlocks into jewelry too. Folks, meet the Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings. However, unlike AMBUSH’s, Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings come complete with a key. I am pretty sure the key does not have a functional purpose but anyways… the key is the actual earring while the lock kind of rests on it to complete the look of, well, as if you have pierced a key and hang a padlock on your ear.

Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings

The item, of course, bears the LV branding – both sides of the padlock to boot. The earrings are made of metal and it is believed that it is gold plated. It should be. How else do you explain its 4,850 yuan (around US$763) sticker? This is possibly the most expensive padlock anyone could buy.

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It appears that the Louis Vuitton Lock It Padlock Earrings, which are part of the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, are being sold in China market only. We could be wrong. But it came up empty when we tried searching for it on France, U.S., and U.K. Louis Vuitton sites.

Louis Vuitton Lock It Earrings

Images: Louis Vuitton [CH].

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