Arc Pulse Minimal Case for iPhone

When we write about phones, we never tell you how thin the phone is. Why? Because 80% of the users will have a case slapped on anyway so does it matter if it is super thin or has curves that felt good on the hands? No, it does not.

Arc Pulse Minimal Case for iPhone

I am not the 80%, btw. Save for the last phone case I have reviewed here, I have not used a case like, for, forever. I love the way the phone was meant to be felt. Not everyone is willing to take the risks – thankfully, there’s a middle path: Arc Pulse.

Arc Pulse is a new spin on a phone case that lets you experience iPhone as it was designed without sacrificing protection. Arc Pulse’s four dual-layer pieces protect only the essentials: corners and camera.

Wait a minute. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? Right. The concept of protecting just the camera and the corners isn’t new but what makes Arc Pulse stands out is, it is available for the latest iPhones and the protection it offers is beyond skin deep.

Arc Pulse Minimal Case for iPhone

It is made of two layers: an aerospace-grade aluminum or titanium top layer and a shock-absorbing inlay made from 100% recyclable SEBS. The shock layer is critical as it helps to absorb the impact, thus minimizing the damage a drop could affect the innards.

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The fact that Arc Pulse only protects the critical area leaves the sides untouched and therefore you can feel the phone as it is intended to be. And it looks pretty cool too. Like some alien tech.

In addition, Arc is bringing sapphire to the iPhone with its Arc Sapphire, a sapphire screen protector. Sapphire, a material of choice by luxury watchmakers, is said to be 5x harder than regular screen protectors.

But such protections do not come cheap. The Arc Pulse starts at US$109 while the screen protector goes for US$76. Both Arc Pulse and Arc Sapphire are available for iPhone 12 and the new iPhone 13.

Arc Pulse is available from the brand’s website as well as on Amazon. Arc Sapphire is only available on the brand’s website.

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All images courtesy of Arc.