The Yolopark x Soskill officially licensed Optimus Prime PLAMO we told you last year is now available to order with delivery expected to happen at the end of June 2022. For those already know, PLAMO is basically short for Plastic Model Kit.

Yolopark Optimus Prime Model Kit Pre-order

The 300 mm (about 12 inches) tall, more affordable alternative to the super cool but super pricey Yolopark x Transformers IIES 24” Optimus Prime action figure is Optimus Prime in his Earth mode as seen in the 2018 Travis Knight’s Transformers Bumblebee movie.

The model contains color ABS and PVC parts along with metal elements. And oh, it has some electronic components too. Hmmm. Now, I am intrigued. Like, as if the incredibly detailed moving mechanical parts haven’t already intrigued us.

As with the more expensive, ready-built model, the Yolopark Optimus Prime Model Kit is highly posable too. As per the official images, it looks like painting is optional – if what we see is what we get. But we have to see how the factory color plastic looks. If it looks too cheap, then perhaps it may require some paint job to make it look more movie-accurate.

Yolopark is taking pre-orders for the Yolopark Optimus Prime Model Kit 888 Hong Kong dollars (about US$114).

Yolopark Optimus Prime Model Kit Pre-order
Yolopark Optimus Prime Model Kit Pre-order

Images: Yolopark.

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