pulling out your phone to check on calls, emails or any form of notifications that your smartphone might serves up is outright anti-ethic as far as golf is concerned. but if really have to do that, then this little guy here, the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch, might be of an assistance. though essentially a GPS watch, it does double duty as a smartwatch, so you can discreetly view calls, emails, texts and more without infuriating your fellow players, who probably already pissed with your under par performance (just probably). after all, who’s going to stare at someone who is constantly looking at his/her watch right? or, will they? actually, we are not sure. you will just have to take your chances, but just make sure you don’t spoil it all by introducing them to the watch before heading to the fairway. discreet is the key, folks, discreet.

that aside, at its core, the Approach S4 is still a golfer’s watch, preloaded with data of over 30,000 international golf courses. and the real kicker is this: the database comes with free lifetime course updates, so you will getting the up-to-date course info without being charge for them. all the information is accessed from its sunlight-readable and glove-friendly touchscreen display. other features include water resistance to 10 meters (33 feet), Bluetooth LE (for communication with your smartphone), a dedicated Green View button that lets you pull up the true shape and layout of the green, digital scorecard functionality for storing individual scorecards for reviewing and sharing, odometer for logging the distance walked and time spent playing, and a “longest golf mode battery life in the Approach watch lineup” of up to 10 hours.

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the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch carries a retail sticker of $349.99 when it goes on sale this Fall. catch a product video after the break to learn more.

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