artistic lo-fi style images don’t quite seem to mix with modern digital photography. even with the myriad of photo manipulation apps and software-based creative filters, they somehow still feels, well, too digital and that’s not to mention that some effects like multiple exposures, cannot be fully replicated by a digital camera without some heavy photoshopping, but… that was then. with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, which consists of three micro 4/3 digital camera-compatible lenses, it lets you dive in and experience the art of lomo-photography with the instant gratification that modern people craves for.

the lens kit includes a fisheye lens for awesome 160-degree shots, a wide-angle 12mm lens and a standard 24mm lens, with each lens featuring the lovely lo-fi effect with its own characteristics such as vignetting and some really wild color saturation, a built-in mechanical shutter for old school long exposure and even multiple exposures, and finally, a filter slot for adding color gel filters to add some awesome color to your photographs. and oh, did we mention that with the multiple exposure feature, this $89 lens kit has the honor of being the world’s first lens kit that allows you to take real, optical multiple exposure shots using digital cameras?

Lomography Experimental Lens Kit - The Package

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