Samsung’s new folding screen smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip was announced just hours ago, but already, Russian maestro for luxing up gadgets is already pre-selling the luxe version. Not just any luxe version, mind you. It is the Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition and boy, is it a looker!

Oh, wait. In fact, Caviar announced this device way before the official announcement on February 6. Caviar Phone leverages on the two halves on the phone to introduce images of the infamous DC Comics villain couple.

Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition

Joker takes up one half and the psychiatrist-turn-villain Harley Quinn on the other half. It appears that Caviar Phone has opted to go with the big screen versions of the two characters.

But why Joker and Harley? Possibly because, each has its own movie to their names, and now, Joker has bagged two Oscars (for Best Actor and Best Original Music Score), and a bunch of nominations.

Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition

As far as the phone’s design is concerned, it drew its inspiration from the Joker cards on a deck of playing cards. The case is covered in 999 gold made possible by a so-called “Double Electroplated” technology and the graphics are “lacquered” with jewelry. Well, whatever that means.

The Caviar Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition is offered in a limited edition of just 54 pieces – the number of playing cards in deck if you include the Joker cards. And the price? Quite obviously, it will cost an arm and a leg, and in this case, you are looking at a grand $5,160. Ouch.

Samsung Z-Flip Joker & Harley Quinn Edition

Images: Caviar Phone.

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