How to Turn T-shirt into a Balaclava

So you have one too many t-shirts and no face mask? Fret not. There’s a bunch of tutorial online, ranging from HEPA filter to no-sew examples. But if you are in a hurry? Well then, let Twitter user Ronit Bose Roy teaches you how to turn your t-shirt into a face mask in under a minute.

In fact, Roy’s solution is more than a face mask. It is more like a full-on balaclava, but hey, if its a barrier, it is something. Here’s the video:

It is brilliant idea, but only when there is a pandemic. When this is all over (fingers crossed that it will be soon!) and you need to wear a face mask. Wear a face mask. I have a feeling that in a non-pandemic time, walking around with a balaclava is not the best of ideas. For obvious reasons.

Image: Twitter (@RonitBoseRoy).

Source: MarketWatch.