What are the odds that an entire family loves the Takara Tomy Plarail toy trains? I’d think the odds are pretty low. However, in case you have one such family, then Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.’s Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (Tokyo, JR East) has the place to take your Plarail playing to another level, or should I say… another location.

Plarail Concept Room Stay Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

Dubbed the Plarail Concept Room Stay, this Plarail-themed room has its walls, windows, and even the bathroom, decorated with Plarail trains and scenery. The bedding and the cushions on the bench seats in the room aren’t spared from the Plarail treatment too.

The decoration is a nice touch, however, the real draw for super fans is that the 37 square meter (about 400 square feet) has wooden floors for you to spread out the included loan Plarail set. And from the looks of it, nearly half of the room space is unobstructed hard flooring, allowing to construct a super big Plarail system and immerse in the world of Plarail.

The Plarail set is included with the room, along with an original Plarail sticker sheet that has 12 stickers per sheet for each child. In addition to the toy set, guests can participate in an event to find hidden cards in the room which, if found, will bag you a free My Plarail Train that kids can decorate the exterior with their own doodles. Sweet.

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Plarail Concept Room Stay Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

The bathroom has a separate bath and toilet area and features a washroom, as well as a bathtub with a jacuzzi function. Breakfast is included, btw.

The Plarail Concept Room Stay at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont will be available starting on July 22, 2023, through December 31, 2023. Price starts at 17,600 yen (around US$127) per person for 2 people per room and can go down to as low as 13,200 yen (about US$95) per person for 4 people per room.

During the stay, guests who took photos of their stay in the Plarail room stand a chance to be one of the 10 lucky lottery winners of vouchers and Plarail products. The Plarail Concept Room Stay Hotel Metropolitan Edmont is open for reservation as we speak.

Plarail Concept Room Stay Hotel Metropolitan Edmont

Images: Nippon Hotel Co. Ltd.

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