CASIO G-Shock is having it fast and furious. The super tough line of timepieces from CASIO just can’t stop churning out even more delightful models. The latest to join the entourage is this: a CASIO G-Shock with aged IP treatment, known as CASIO G-Shock GMWB45000V. The Full Metal Collection’s GMWB45000V features a special aging process that gives the black ion-plating with a patina look to result in an aged, worn out look that is strangely endearing.

CASIO Aged IP G-Shock GMWB45000V Watch

It looks like the watch has been through quite some ordeal without you having to go through it. A feature that, if you ask me, befits a watch of this toughness. The aging process is not only apparent on the case, but also the stainless steel band, giving it a consist look. Beyond that, the GMWB45000V inherits much of the G-Shock vitals, including water resistance to 200 meters (20 ATM or 660 feet), tough solar power, G-Shock’s shock resistance, Multi-Band 6 radio wave for accurate timekeeping, Super Illuminator LED backlight, and low power Bluetooth mobile link.

As far as square form G-Shock goes, the CASIO Aged IP G-Shock GMWB45000V Watch is on the opposite spectrum of the ‘pure gold’ anniversary edition that commands an eye-watering $70K. But obviously, it costs significantly less than the ‘pure gold’ variety, going for around $1,000 when it becomes available in Summer 2019. Even though it is a lot cheaper than the gold version, it is still quite an investment and therefore, before it comes a time for you to drop that hefty cash for one, you may want to check out Watchonista review of the timepiece HERE first.

CASIO Aged IP G-Shock GMWB45000V Watch

Images: CASIO. Additional image: Watchonista.

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Source: Maxim/Hypebeast.

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