I am not sure if superheroes like Batman, Captain America, or Wonder Woman do BBQ. I imagine that they not only do, but have a deep love for BBQ. After all, they are Americans aren’t they, and honestly, tell one true blue American who doesn’t love a good BBQ session? Probably none. If they do, I also imagine they will be flipping patties and sizzling those hot dogs with the Superhero 3-piece BBQ Tool Set with the name of their alter ego.

Captain America 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set

This means, Batman 3pc BBQ Tool Set for Bat, Captain America 3pc BBQ Tool Set for Cap and Diana would be flipping burgers with the Wonder Woman 3pc BBQ Tool Set. Unfortunately, as it appears, crowd favorite Thor does not have a set dedicated to him, but I am guess he’d be busy with home improvement with his trusty Mjolnir Hammer Tool Set.

Wonder Woman 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set

Anywho, that’s the fictional world of humans with super strength, super detective ability and Gods that walk among us. In this real world, you who would be flipping burgers and getting ready the hot dogs for everyone in the part is the hero and therefore, any one of the superhero 3-piece BBQ Tool Set is for you.

Batman 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set

With this BBQ tool set, you get a logo grilling spatula with offset handle and integrated bottle opener, a grilling fork, also with bottle opener, and a long-handled slotted tongs. Basically, the essentials for a BBQ pit master. Defining each tool set is the respective logo of each superhero, as well as the superhero’s name (in the appropriate type face) on the long wooden handle of each tool.

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You can find the Superhero 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set selling for $19.99 per set on ThinkGeek. Again, we are not affiliated, so you can buy without us benefit (cruel you!).

Superhero 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set

Images: ThinkGeek.

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