Imagine the world of Star Wars being played out by insects (think: Antz). Can you visualized how it would be? Well, you don’t have too. Just take a look at Richard Wilkinson’s works. The illustrator has created a series of realistic insects decorated to look like iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe. Some of them are highly recognizable, like the fly that is actually Darth Vader, while some took a while to register (Wasp Stormtrooper and bug Sand Crawler for examples).

Star Wars Insects Prints by Richard Wilkinson
Lord Vader? Is that you?

These Star Wars insects are part of a series called Arthropoda Iconicus. If you are a mega fan of Star Wars (seriously, who doesn’t?) and happens to have a thing for creepy crawlies, then these illustrations should be right up your very narrow alley. Even better, you can actually own these awesome work of art by the way of prints, available from Richard Wilkinson website. You may also want to check out Richard Wilkinson’s Instagram page for even more awesomeness.

I am not a huge fan of bugs, but my favorite ought to be the AT-AT armored walker. Though I must say Yoda has a particular allure to it too. More look after the jump.

Star Wars Insects Prints by Richard Wilkinson
Guess which heroine is this? Hint: bun up hair.
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Images: Richard Wilkinson.

via The Awesomer.

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