Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair
(photos: ThinkGeek) Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair | US$24.99 |

more than four decades on, Star Trek remains the favorite among sci-fi geeks. if you happens to be one of the faithful Trekkies, then you probably want to pass on this Trek-culture to your kids and you can start by acquiring the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair. so why not a full-size replica, you ask? cos’ inflatable makes it mobile (no, it don’t have wheels but it is super lightweight) and adorable, plus it won’t break your bank. that’s why. designed for kids age 3 and up to small adults not more than 120 pounds (54 kg), the chair features various buttons and lights printed on the arms for imagination play. we know, your time has passed for such kiddish child’s play, so why not let your kids have it and do what you missed on your behalf. the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair cost just $24.99 and it is available via our favorite geek store, ThinkGeek. hit the jump for a hilarious product video clip.

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