No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror
No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror | US$59.95 |

accidents often happen due to driver failing to check their blind spots. if you find yourself checking your rear view mirror more often than your blind spots or you are just one of those who find it a chore in turning your head to check out the blind spots, then this No Blind Sport Rear View Mirror is the perfect accessory for your car. this patented mirror has a seamless 180-degree field of view (as opposed to the standard rear view mirror’s 52-degree), allowing you a distortion-free rear view across an entire span of a five-lane highway. the mirror also helps to reduce the glare from the headlights of the trailing vehicles by 50% and installation only involves clamping it to your existing rear view mirror. in fact, this mirror is commonly used in police cars and race cars to eliminate blind spots. hmm, we can comprehend with race cars but police cars? anyhow, we consider this as a must-have for all cars and it can be yours for $59.95 a pop.

Hammacher via The Fancy

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