U-Lock is arguably the most convenient device to secure your bicycle when parked, but it has its hassle – the key, which I am sure many have at one time or another lose it. It’s ok. Don’t feel bad about it, because it is a small key. So the obvious solution in this connected world is, Bluetooth it, which is what FUZ Designs has done with this beautiful Noke U-Lock Bicycle Lock. Granted Bluetooth-enable bicycle lock isn’t the newest news, but two things makes Noke U-Lock stands out: first, it is from the folks who introduced to the world one of the first Bluetooth padlock and second, this classy piece of bike security equipment has an integrated alarm. A shrieking alarm will go off if someone shakes the Noke for more than 3 seconds, which hopefully will send him or her running or at least invite attention of anyone within a 50 meters distance.

The lock comes with a quick-click code, which you can use if your phone ran out of juice. In the event some criminal mind attempts to enter the quick-click code more than 3 times, the alarm will make sure they stop doing that. The alarm is not set by default. It has to be set by you when you engage the lock. And like most Bluetooth-enabled locks, it locks automatically when closed and will be ready to unlock when it detects the presence of an authorized device (you can opt for manual press to unlock too). Additionally, when the lock’s battery is down to 20 percent, you will be notified, but if you ignored it, it won’t unlock when the battery conks out. All you need to get going is to recharge it for a few minutes with a portable battery and you’re back in business. And oh, it also comes standard with GPS tracking, you know, in case you forgot where you locked your bike.

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Needless to say, Noke U-Lock also enables you to conveniently share your bike with your friends too. Sounds like awesome? Great. Then you will be glad to know that for the next 38 days, you can pre-order Noke U-Lock Bicycle Lock over at Kickstarter for $99 a pop. Yes. Its on crowdfunding, which kicks off earlier today, but it has since pulled in over 140 backers and around 20 grand. So I guess getting it funded won’t be an issue here. Keep going for a product pitch video.

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