Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie Survival Kit
Zombie Survival Kit | US$79.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

you have prepared for rain armed with umbrella or raincoat, so it wouldn’t hurt to be prepped in the event that there’s an unfortunate zombie outbreak, wouldn’t it? if you are on the same page with us, then ThinkGeek has just the package you will need: the Zombie Survival Kit. for $79.90, you will get a SOG Tactical Tomahawk, complete with fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle and sheath, for your zombie-slashing fest, a Zombie Crime Scene Tape, a Collapsible Shot Glass, Dissolving Hand Soap Sheets, a Survival Kit in a Sardine Can containing essentials such as Lipton tea, matches, whistle safety pin, band aids et cetera, a CRKT Eat’N Tool, Zombie Jerky that gives 15 grams of much need protein per serving, Zombie Blast Energy Shot for you hydration needs, Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter, and a length of 550 lb. paracord to wrap things up. the Zombie Survival Kit comes packed in a black, lightweight nylon drawstring bag with an appropriate biohazard symbol. honestly, in any dire situations, we’d be thankful if we actually all these items that means living another day but of course, shelter or any form of accommodation is not included. oh, in case the good news lands, such as there’s no walking dead, then you could use this kit in your next camping trip too. just thought you should know that the items are totally adaptable to non-threatening situations too.

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