Life is just too short to be putting up with stupid people, ridiculous movies about cars flying from a building to another, and boring, plain Jane-looking USB hubs. I can’t tell you how avoid stupid people, but I can sure tell you how to avoid those movies (just don’t watch’em!) and as for the USB hub, well, I think the Cube-Works Self-destruct USB 3.0 Hub will have you covered.

Cube-Works Self-destruct USB 3.0 Hub

It is rigged with four USB 3.0 ports, Cube-Works Self-destruct USB 3.0 Hub has Hollywood-told-you-what-a-self-destruct-device-will-look-like features, including a pair of toggle switches, a key hole complete with a key – lock and ready to be turned, and a “oh look, this button is dangerous” red button with a clear cover – just so you won’t accidentally trigger it.

Cube-Works Self-destruct USB 3.0 Hub

A fun novelty USB hub that you will not want to bring when boarding a plane for obvious reasons. But why a self-destruct USB hub? I don’t know. Perhaps, you are tired of being hounded by deadlines, or maybe you are sick of your coworkers, or maybe because, plain USB hub just sucks.

Cube-Works Self-destruct USB 3.0 Hub

When you are absolutely bored, just go ahead and end it all by toggling the controls in the specific order to initiate the self-destruct sequence. Nah, just kidding! It won’t actually destruct. You probably already knew that. When toggled correctly, this novel USB 3.0 Hub will merely play an explosion effect – complete with light and sound. Ahhh, what a way to end a day, eh? The sequence is even written there in plain sight, so you will never not know and so will your coworkers. Oh, well…

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Get it from ThinkGeek for $59.99. C4 and explosive of all manners are not included because, USB hub. In case you are wondering, Cube-Works is the Japanese company who was responsible for the USB humping dog. Yep. Sample the sound effect in the video below.

Images: ThinkGeek.

via The Awesomer.

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