shotgun is designed to kill or maim. there is no need for argument about that aspect, but with the Shotgun Flower Shell, a shotgun can actually be used to give life instead of taking away life. so how is it even possible, you may ask. well, the magic lies in the shell, which from the external is no different from any standard 12 gauge shell, but within it is packed with seeds instead of slug or shots, thereby with each shot, you will be spreading life. naturally, a regular shotgun ammunition will be a little overwhelming for the flower seeds, but the creator of this lovely shell has purposely reduced the amount of gunpowder and adjusted to fit the different seeds. in all, there are twelve different kind of seeds to choose from, they include Columbine, Cornflower, Daisy, Poppy (!), Sunflower, Lavender, Sweet Pea, Lupine, Carnation, Peony and a collection of meadow flowers.

all you need to do is, load up the Shotgun Flower Shell into your shotgun, aim at the ground and fire away. it might be dispersing seeds with lower percentage of gunpowder, the Shotgun Flower Shell is still nevertheless an ammunition which should treated with respect. the Shotgun Flower Shell is a creation by Per Cormwell at Studio Total (ST), who is also the same company behind the iRock, the rocking chair that charges your iPad. the Shotgun Flower Shell is not yet available, but it will be eventually offered through an Indiegogo campaign at an yet to be announced date. in the mean time, you can learn more at the product’s official website and also catch a video of life-spreading in action in the embedded clip below.

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Flower Shell via Uncrate

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