unlike beers, wine drinking is never synonymous with manliness, but you could add a little macho-ness to your wine appreciation affair with this uber cool Fully Loaded Rednek Wine Stopper. if the sheer length – all 5 1/4 inches of it – does not let your favorite bottle of aged grape drink stands out, then we are pretty sure its 12-gauge shotgun appearances will. it is of course, not a live shotgun round – it is merely of ‘shotgun shell design’ made of resin and features a stainless steel stopper with a wide rubber ring for a great seal.

the Fully Loaded Rednek Wine Stopper is part of The Original Rednek collection of creative drink ware and accessories, and it can yours to own for $14.99 on Amazon. unfortunately, this item can only be shipped within the U.S. as far as Amazon is concerned.

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