for those who practically lives off watermelon, then you probably want a specialty knife like the Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife Colori to be part of the melon life. no kidding. this is the knife that is specially designed for chopping up perfect slices of watermelon each and every time. it has a blade made of high carbon Japanese steel for durability and reliability, while nonstick coating and seed-shaped cutouts prevent sticking and enable the melon to slide off the blade easily. the science of watermelon slicing is further exemplified by the ergonomic handle that lets you maintain a firm grip when applying pressure to cut through those tough melon skins, while the sawed edge on the blade affords a little sawing motion when the going (on the skin) gets tough. finally, wrapping up the package is a matching red sheath with decorative seed-shaped accents that matches the knife’s seed cutouts. so there you have it; the perfect knife that shows that you are dead serious about melons and it is relatively in expensive too, costing just $20.32 a pop.

Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife Colori

Kuhn Rikon via DROOL’D

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