Evangelion x Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game

Ever wanted to see the key characters from Evangelion slugging out without the bio-mecha units? Well, now you can… in a video game and with one particular character. Honkai Impact 3rd, an action mobile game developed and published miHoYo with over 100 million downloads, is celebrating its 4th anniversary with an Evangelion collaboration.

Evangelion x Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game

In the Evangelion x Honkai Impact 3rd collaboration, Asuka Shikinami Langley makes her appearance as limited playable character. The collab also features a bunch of in-game Evangelion-themed/inspired items.

These items include an original design Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed battle suit, the Lance of Longinus as the special collab weapon, collab event featuring iconic Angels (namely, 4th, 6th and 8th Angel), NERV-themed Fire of Hope Supply Card, Asuka Blazing Hope Fragment, Asuka’s plug suit, collab-themed UI, three Evangelion-inspired original costumes, and collab physical attack stigma set based on the three children (Asuka, Rei, and Mari).

Evangelion x Honkai Impact 3rd Mobile Game

The Evangelion x Honkai Impact 3rd is a limited time collaboration that runs from January 22 – February 21, 2021.

You can find Honkai Impact 3rd on both Google Play as well as Apple App Store as a free to download game. You may also hit up Honkai Impact 3rd website for more information on this collaboration.

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Images: miHoYo.