Seriously, who doesn’t love G.I. Joe? (the action figures and the cartoon series, not quite the movies) Everybody loves the Joes, but how strong is your love? Will it be strong enough for you to drop $200 and $230 for a specially created G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket and a G.I. Joe Duke collectible garbed in a miniature replica of the jacket? 200 bucks is not a lot for a quality outerwear and especially one that’s inspired by the classic L-2B Alpha made for the military.

Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket

The Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket, as it is known as, is a collaborative piece by Alpha Industries with Hasbro and Bait to mark this year’s Comic-Con and it boasts a lightweight matte nylon shell, decorated with woodland camo front yoke patch, and a reversible design that switches between the woodland camo back yoke patch and, the star of the show, a G.I. Joe pop-art graphic print. Seriously, who wants woodland camo on the back when you can have a super cool Duke around the back, right? I know I would be flaunting the Duke pop-art if I had one.

Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket

Other worthy mentions include two snap-closure hand pockets, two interior pockets with snap closer, zippered utility/pencil pocket with “Remove Before Flight” keychain on the sleeve, and collar, cuffs and waistband in red/white/blue colorway. And oh, the jacket also promised breathability and of course, water resistance, so it is totally up for summer weather too. Because Hasbro is in the mix, there’s also an action figure, but not just any action figure. It is the aforementioned G.I. Joe Duke collectible sporting the exact same jacket, complete with the pop-art graphic and all.

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Amusingly, the action figure with the many times smaller jacket is more expensive than the human-size outerwear. But if you’re a super fan, you probably want to have both. You can find both Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket and the G.I. Joe Duke collectible over at Alpha Industries web store. Keep going to steal a few more looks.

Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket

Images: Alpha Industries.


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