we have come across multitude of multi-tools in all shapes and sizes, but the Xbelt Skatetool is a refreshing take of this age-old concept. as the name suggests, it is designed with skateboard boarders in mind and it also doubles as a unique belt, albeit one that’s a little narrow. central to the Xbelt is the belt buckle and accompanying plastic clips, which together, offers five skateboard specific tools, including three wrenches (9/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″), a mini screwdriver with two bits (a hex and a Phillips), and an obligatory bottle opener. well… perhaps, the latter is not so much of a skateboard-specific tool, but you get the idea. the main belt buckle is where you will find the wrenches and bottle opener, flanked by two plastic clips, each stowing a piece of the two bits. by integrating the tools into the belt, it frees up skateboarder’s pockets and eliminates the need for anything that dangles, thereby giving skateboarders absolute freedom of movement, while still providing the essential tools for fine tuning and adjustments as and when needed.

Xbelt Skatetool

however, as far as belt duty goes, it is probably more of a fashion statement and a ‘tool holster’ of sort as oppose to actually holding up your pants. that said, if you have oversized pants, you probably won’t want to remove it to use the tools for you may end up dropping your pants. made of stainless steel and available in a choice of brushed metal or black power-coated finish, the Xbelt Skatetool is a creation of Montreal-based Too-B and is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter seeking $20,000 CAD in funding to get Xbelt into avid skateboarders’ hands. if you are all in for the multi-tool belt buckle idea, you can show your love by backing up the project. prices start from as low as 35 Canadian dollars for early adopters and runs up to $100 CAD for a Barry Walsh special, which comes with an embroidered leather belt and an engraved belt buckle designed by Barry Walsh.

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Xbelt Skatetool

Xbelt Skatetool

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