According to the silver screen version of Transformers, any object that comes into contact with the AllSpark, will come to life as a Transformers. But as far as we understand, only those with electronics will be given life. Not sure if the same will happen to an electronics-free object like, say, urinal.

Assuming, it can turn a urinal into a Transformers, the ToyWolf W-02 Water Man would be it. That’s right. From the same folks who brought you the quirk Dirty Man, aka transforming toilet, is a somewhat complementary transforming urinal.

We all know every Transformers had a disguise, but man, Dirty Man and Water Man must have the worst of it. Speaking Dirty Man, Water Man actually can transforms into an oversized cannon which Dirty Man can hold.

While ToyWolf has been making transforming toys for a while now, the company has remained rather elusive. Its website and Facebook page have not been updated. And that’s even after the company have attended several toy conventions and also introducing a couple of new toys.

ToyWolf W-02 Water Man/Urinal Robot Action Figure isn’t new, though. It was sold since last January, but what’s new is the gold version of the Water Man. Like any of its previous toys, the ToyWolf W-02 Water Man/Urinal Robot Action Figure Gold Version is very much elusive. However, if you are so inclined, you will be able to find it on AliExpress selling for around $59.9964.99.

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Images: Weibo (@玩具Wolf).

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