calling a wallet The Perfect Wallet is nothing short of a bold statement, but by the look of it, The Perfect Wallet by Boston-based brick and mortar store Ball and Buck might just deserve the namesake. handcrafted in the USA from the same leather as used in the Red Wing shoes, this wallet features bold stitching and has four card slots on the outside that could hold up to eight of your frequently used cards, and at the heart of this leathery beauty, is a inconspicuous slot for some cash. the leather used is so awesome that Ball and Buck equates the feel of the leather to the skin of a perfectly tanned supermodel. though we are not so keen in associating leather with human skins. anyway, that’s beside the point. the point is, if you ever ‘caress’ the leather of the Red Wing shoes, you know it is of top notch quality and so, you would be expecting that same quality for these wallets.

guaranteed for life (for defects) and made in the USA with materials sourced from within the USA. it is indeed a true blue American product. Ball and Buck has taken this wonderful creation to Kickstarter and has met with astounding success: the project met its initial funding goal within just 48 hours of launch. you can get yours for a special “early adopter” price of just $48 each. check out a very Jonathan Ive-like pitch video (not a bad thing, actually) after the break.

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