In this modern-day age, being a part of a school means reliance on technology. Whether you like it or not, the reliance on blackboards and books is no longer the only way to teach students, and there is a need for a variety of technology to fulfill the needs of all students. Whatever piece of technology you are trying to raise money for, there are so many ways you can fundraise for it.

School Talent Show

There are bound to be so many students (and staff) that have a vast array of hidden talents just waiting to be discovered. Why not hold a talent show to show off these talents? You could find four members of staff to be on the judging panel, just like on America’s Got Talent, and encourage students to sign up to show off their talent.

You can then use this to raise money by charging admission fees for the audience and possibly even sell food and drinks as an extra way to make money. Another way to raise even more money this way would be to hold a talent show for students in the afternoon, and in the evening, you could invite parents/Governors/members of the local community along to watch.

There are so many fundraising potentials by holding a talent show, and you could even encourage the host of the show to repeatedly encourage the audience to donate and state why you are raising the money to hopefully encourage them to donate more.

Fundraising Bricks

Fundraising bricks are an excellent way to raise money for your school’s technological needs. These are engraved bricks, and you could encourage donors to donate by telling them their names will be engraved. For example, if you were fundraising for a new technology suite, you could tell them a brick with their name engraved on it will be placed in the suite, so anyone who visits will know they donated. This is one of many unique fundraising ideas for students which you can encourage them to be a part of by getting students to sell the bricks to donors.


Just like the talent show, encouraging students to be competitive against one another in the name of raising funds for new technology is a sure-fire way to raise this money. Not only will it bring out their competitive nature, but it also gives them the chance to learn a new skill that they will find invaluable for life.

Create a Digital Wish Tree

These are very similar to Amazon wish lists, where teachers can state what their technology needs are, and donors can either donate the tech items to a website or send funds directly to the teacher’s account for them to be able to buy the tech needs of their students. This is probably the quickest way to raise money to buy new technology as you can do it as and when you need to, and it takes very little organization.

Featured photo: Unsplash (Kenny Eliason).

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