If the farm animals in George Orwell’s Animal Farm were the mutated, intelligent Barnyard Commandos, they wouldn’t need countless secret meetings to plot the overthrowing of the humans. They’d just go out there spraying their big guns at the clueless human farmers.

Barnyard Commandos Action Figures

Speaking of Barnyard Commandos, a new line of Barnyard Commandos action figures by Megalopolis Toys are now available for pre-order. Yes, my friends, those hyper-intelligent, anthropomorphic paramilitary animal troops are back and boy, are they looking dang awesome!

And also yes, both lovable factions, the Rebel Army of Militant Sheep (R.A.M.S.) and the Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine (P.O.R.K.S.), are back.

Not only do they have awesome detailed sculpt, each figure is highly articulated, offering anything between 26 and 30 points of articulation. I would imagine fans will have a lot of fun posing the figures.

The figure is 1:12 scale and stands around 5 inches tall, and comes accompanied with multiple accessories with interchangeable pieces.

Barnyard Commandos Action Figures

This is the Wave 1 of the Barnyard Commandos Premium DNA and it includes Sargent Wolly Pullover, Private Side O’Bacon, Major Legger Mutton and Corporal HY Ondahog.

The figures are set to arrive Spring 2021. You can pre-order the figures for US$34.99 a pop, or bag the entire Wave 1 for US$139.99.

Barnyard Commandos Action Figures

Images: Megalopolis Toys.

Source: Toy Hype USA.

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