There’s really nothing to detail here. It is just one professional photographer, Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio, who, in the name of fun, decided to add teeth to photos of newborn babies. The result is, well, hilarious and disturbing all at the same time. I mean, part of what makes babies cute is because, they are without teeth and so, it feels absolutely weird to see them grinning away, showing off their shiny, white enamels.

While we are on the topic of teeth… have you ever wonder why little ones look adorable without teeth while grown person looks rather disturbing without those enamels? Is it because there’s some kind of preconception at play here that makes what’s acceptable and what’s not? Anywho, you can see the entire series over at this album on Facebook, or have a peek at Haehl’s works over Coffee Creek Studio’s website, Facebook, as well as Instagram.

If Babies Had Teeth by Amy Haehl
If Babies Had Teeth by Amy Haehl

Images: Facebook (@CoffeeCreekStudio).

Source: PetaPixel.

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