Airbnb Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

By now, I am sure most people are familiar with meat produce chain Oscar Mayer’s quirky promotional food truck, the Wiener-shaped Wienermobile. If you have been thinking what it is like to travel in one, well, unfortunately, you can’t have that experience unless you are in the wiener team. However, soon you will be able to stay in one. Yes. You heard that right. Staying in an actual Wienermobile!

Airbnb Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

As part of the company’s way of celebrating National Hot Dog Day (to non-Hot Dog enthusiasts, yes, it is a thing) which was last week, Oscar Mayer announced that it is letting out its Wienermobile. Just to reiterate, Oscar Mayer is renting out the Wienermobile as an accommodation, not as a ride. So, don’t expect yourself to zip around Chicago, where it will be, in this thing. Though it will be cool if you could.

Anyways, for a limited time in August, Oscar Mayer will be renting its iconic Wienermobile on Airbnb where you can book a stay in the giant, fake and hollowed out hot dog for $186 a night. Reservation has already started and so, if you want the experience, we’d suggest you act fast.

For the purpose as an accommodation, the yellow and orange interior has been outfitted with cosy creature comfort amenities, including a pullout bed for two, a couple of hot dog-themed seats, side table, and a grill – just to name a few, and comes loaded with a supply of hot dogs and a condiment-stocked fridge.

Airbnb Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Completing the hot dog-themed experience which, without doubt, include chomping down the included hot dogs, is a picnic table outside for chilling out and savoring hot dog sandwich. Note: there is no WiFi, no kitchen, no TV, no washer, no heating and most obviously, you won’t be getting a private entrance. It does, however, have access to the bathroom on the outside.

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We came to a revelation only when I finish writing this. It looks all the available dates have been snapped up. Urghhhh… what a bummer for hot dog lovers!

Images: Airbnb.

Source: Curbed.