Captain Native America Cosplay SDCC

The standout cosplay from last year San Diego Comic-Con was, without doubt, Cholo Thanos and the Human-size Infinity Gauntlet. As for this year’s SDCC, even without seeing all of the cosplay costumes, we can safely say the Captive Native America by Instagram user, Hot Glue Burns (@hot.glue.burns) might just be one of the best, if not the best. And the best in significance, if we may add.

Hot Glue Burns, who is apparently known just by the name Casey, is a self-described “crafty derelict in San Francisco” who makes “mainly costumes and your usual nerd shit.” ’Nuff said. We are loving it already! Laughter and smiles aside, there’s a special significance to this cosplay.

Here’s what the man have got to say:

…I have to say, the overwhelming response I have received so far, is about the lack of representation in media. It was one of my main motivations in making the costume… I ended up having so many great conversations about this at the convention. And It meant a lot to have people coming and actually asking for hugs because they were genuinely so happy to see my costume. Really rewarding and inspiring experience for sure.

Hot Glue Burns

Wait. Have we not have Native American superheroes this whole time? As a matter of fact, we do and there’s a whole list of them from small comic book publishers to giants like DC Comics and Marvel Comics. However, it is worthy to note, even the list runs up to hundreds of characters, none of them were as mainstream and recognizable as dear old Cap himself and hence, the merit and significance of this Native American representation of one of the most recognizable American superhero of all time.

Images: Instagram (@hot.glue.burns).

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Source: Laughing Squid.