Scooter with Fat F1 Tires by The Q

The Q has done it again. After dishing out a host of odd vehicles, such as a walking bicycle, saw blade wheels bike and hoverboard with F1 wheels and tires, the man has created yet another odd transportation device that rolls on Formula 1 wheels and tires.

Scooter with Fat F1 Tires by The Q

Meet the electric standup scooter with Formula 1 car wheels and tires, simply called a Fat Scooter. It may not be as sleek as Stator, but man, just look at the F1 rollers. They are awesome!

Powering the rear wheel is a 25 kW brushless electric motor, kept just by “big enough battery pack.” Beyond that, the technical details are not known. But who cares when the vehicle looks this awesome?The fact that it has F1 style wheels and tires are already enough to win us over.

Skip ahead the video of the build process of the Fat Scooter.

Images: YouTube (The Q).