Well, what do you know? Cyberlandr isn’t alone in offering a camper for Cybertruck. Camper maker, Loki Basecamp, is offering one too. However, Loki Basecamp’s solution, called Loki Basecamp Cybertruck Edition, do not collapsed into the truck bed like Cyberlandr.

Loki Basecamp Cybertruck Edition

Loki Basecamp Cybertruck Edition is just like regular camper that fits on the bed and over the rear sloping roof of Tesla’s electric pickup truck.

So far only a concept picture of the camper is available, but if you were ask me, I think it looks better than the Cyberlandr. Not collapsible in design means it is far more robust too.

Anyhoo, Loki Basecamp Cybertruck Edition is a 4-season pod that features climate control, solar power, roof rack, pull-out drawers, and tie tracks. Beyond that, little is known about this upcoming camper for Tesla Cybertruck.

Notwithstanding the lack of information, Loki Basecamp is taking reservation for the camper.

In order to secure a spot in the production run, a US$10,000 refundable deposit will be required for the US$135,000 camper.

Images: Loki Basecamp.

via Uncrate.

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