It will be a long while before Tesla Cybertruck make it to the roads, but already, one company is ready to sell you a pop-up camper accessory. Coming from CyberLandr is the CyberLandr Pop-up Camper that is designed to fit right onto the bed of the Cybertruck.

CyberLandr Pop-up Camper for Cybertruck

Now, what’s amazing about this camper add-on is, it packs a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a full standing bath, and an office – all within the confine of the 6.5 feet (2 meter) long bed.

But the truly mind-blowing part is, all these are fold down to within the truck’s bed with nothing to tow. CyberLandr, when not deployed, promised to remain compact and retains the aerodynamic form factor of the futuristic electric truck.

Somehow, CyberLandr Pop-up Camper felt like a real-life Doraemon 4D pocket, doesn’t it? Perhaps, the concept isn’t as mind-blowing until you have read what it actually packed into it.

CyberLandr Pop-up Camper for Cybertruck

CyberLandr further features built-in 4-stage water filtration, fresh and grey water tanks, retractable steps, electrochromic window tinting, retractable 500-watt solar panels, 3-in-1 chair/recliner/bed with high-density foam, heated floor, sliding door, pivoting tables, a standing bath with dry toilet, shower and folding sink, a flat screen TV with surround sound audio and a kitchen with 5 square-feet of porcelain counter top, invisible induction cooktops, a large sink with smart faucet.

All these will add just 1,200 lbs (544 kg) to the vehicle, or 1,360 lbs (617 kg) wet. Well, what can I say? It is totally magical that it can packed so much in such a tiny space.

CyberLandr Pop-up Camper for Cybertruck
A cross-section view of the CyberLandr.

Not surprisingly, CyberLandr does not come cheap. It will set you back at US$49,995 when it becomes available.

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For that price, you could get a well-kitted out camper trailer, TBH. But the real draw of CyberLandr is, it weighs little and has nothing to tow.

As to when it will available… well, it safe to say nobody knows. Notwithstanding the uncertainty, CyberLandr is already taking reservations. It is running a-la crowdfunding style reservation with different pricing tiers. Last checked, the three cheapest tiers are already “sold out”.

Images: CyberLandr.

Source: Carscoops.

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