This Is AZNOM PALLADIUM, A Truck-based “Hyperlimousine”

You have seen luxury trucks and you are familiar with what a limousine is. Now, meet the unlikely marriage between the two: PALLADIUM from Italian coachbuilder AZNOM. AZNOM PALLADIUM is not a truck and it is not quite the kind of limousine you may have in mind.

Flying Without Actually Flying, Limo-Jet Learmousine Concept Set To Go Under The Hammer

Always wanted to get into a private jet, but never trust a small aircraft? The Limo-Jet, aka the Lear Jet Limousine, we saw nearly two years ago may be the answer to your fear of flying. It is a Lear Jet, alright, but one that sticks to the safety of the ground because, well, its […]

Someone Joined Two Ford Festivas Together To Create This Awkward Looking “Limousine”

Limousine exists because, sometimes, some people need to travel in grandeur and because, it has generous space and privacy to boot. This weird contraption here, an apparent homemade 1993 Ford Festiva Limousine has none of those, save for maybe the privacy.

Forget About Stretched Limo. If You Want This Stretched Tank Limo For Your Prom Instead

Tanks-Alot in the U.K. is the tank experience equivalent of Minnesota’s Drive A Tank that is a little more usual. In addition to the usual tank driving, car-crushing experience, Tanks-Alot also hires out limousine. Not just any limousine, mind you. It is a stretched tank limousine. Yes. That’s the tank you see here. Obviously, nowhere […]

This Quirky 1953 Porsche 356 Limousine Custom Is Going On The Block

Porsche enthusiasts, you will want to take note of an upcoming RM Sotheby’s Taj Ma Garaj Collection because, it is going to be a Porsche galore. Over 30 rare and eclectic Porsche, with a few Volkswagen thrown for good measure, from the late John Dixon’s collection will be going under the hammer on September 28, […]

A Look At Century, Toyota’s Handcrafted, Chauffeur Car

The mention of Toyota and “luxury,” Lexus will probably come to mind. However, that wasn’t the case in Japan prior to 2005. Previously, Lexus was an overseas-only marque while back in its home country, Century was the go-to automobile if one wanted a chauffeur-driven car. The history of Toyota Century dates back as far back […]

Lear Jet Limousine: For Those Who Desire A Private Jet But Afraid Of Flying

No. What you see here is not a flying car, or neither is it a drag speedster destined for Salt Flats. But it is indeed a real aircraft fuselage, except that it no longer flies. This bizarre automobile is a thing, made from an actual Lear Jet private jet and hence the name Limo-Jet. Because […]

Audi’s Extends The Already Long A8 L To An Even Ridiculous 20.9 Feet

Clearly, not everyone thinks that the already super stretched A8 L’s 17.3 feet (5.27 meters) is long enough. An anonymous (and obviously wealthy) customers in Europe is one such person who proceed to order an Audi A8 L Extended that stretches a cool 20.9 feet (6.36 meters) that bumps the original 10.24 feet (3.12 meters) […]

Bentley Announces Mulsanne Speed With Uprated Engine Producing 530HP and 1,100Nm of Torque

if you are rich enough to be chauffeured around (not by taxi, btw), doesn’t mean it has to be slow. in fact, it should be faster and in “ultra-luxury,” which you can do so in the new Bentley Mulsanne Speed, touted as a ride that will offer you the world’s fastest ultra-luxury experience. under its […]

Mercedes-Benz Premieres New S600 Guard Touting Highest Level Of Ballistic Protection

if you live in the constant fear of being fired upon by armed baddies, the pointed star marque has just the ride to keep you very safe and it is called the S600 Guard. while it may look like another S-Class, its model name speaks otherwise. so, yeah, it is an armored S600 limousine, but […]