Tanks-Alot in the U.K. is the tank experience equivalent of Minnesota’s Drive A Tank that is a little more usual. In addition to the usual tank driving, car-crushing experience, Tanks-Alot also hires out limousine. Not just any limousine, mind you. It is a stretched tank limousine. Yes. That’s the tank you see here. Obviously, nowhere military in world owns and operates a stretched tank. This tank here is a custom.

Tanks-Alot Stretched Tank Limo

It started its life as two British Army FV432 APCs, or Armored Personnel Carriers (similar to U.S. military’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle) and subsequently, fused together with an original 2-man turret of the FV432 used in the Berlin Brigade. In addition to the two crew, namely, the commander and the driver, Tank Limo can accommodate over 10 people in “the plush” rear section of the hull. There are windows, bulletproof, obviously, on the hull sides so you can peek out if the TV inside haven’t already distract you.

Tanks-Alot Stretched Tank Limo

It is totally road legal, well, at least it is in the U.K. However, there’s a catch. It is only allowed to make 20 mph (32 km/h) and with rubber-padded tracks. On private road, it is more than willing to make 35 mph (56 km/h), albeit with a rather slow takeoff speed. All told, this otherworldly luxury measures a 22 feet long, 7.5-8 feet wide (6.7 x 2.3-2.4 meters) and tips the scales at a hefty 17.5 tonnes which, frankly, I surprised it is even allow on regular tarmac.

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Anywho, it is real and it is available in the U.K. In case you are residing in the U.K. and are interested, let it be known that hiring this to make an imposing entrance is not going to be cheap. You are looking at a starting price of 1,600 quid, which works to be around 1,952 American dollars according to the today going rate.

Images: Tanks-Alot/YouTube (Barcroft Cars).

Source: LuxuryLaunches.

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