Challenging yourself with problem-solving games like puzzles can improve brain function and even raise your IQ.

What better way to get your gaming on then with a bunch of friends in a themed adventure like an escape room. You’ve probably heard of this new trend, but what’s an escape room exactly?

In this article, you will discover everything there is to know about escape rooms, and why you should gather your buddies or coworkers and give it a go.

What’s an Escape Room?
If this is your first time hearing about this new type of attraction, you may ask: what is an escape room like? The best way to describe it is to imagine a murder mystery game mixed with a scavenger hunt and a jigsaw puzzle.

Most games are themed and require you to solve dozens of puzzles to unlock the doors to the room.

You work in teams to complete complex tasks, so collaboration and communication are essential to succeed. There may also be several levels or rooms to move through.

How Do Escape Rooms Work?
You usually make a reservation to get a spot on a team. If you are by yourself or with a few friends, you may be paired up with other people. The complexity of the escape room requires groups of at least 5-7 people.

Once you get to the escape room, a host will greet you and brief your team on the mission at hand.

They will also go over the rules and time frame for your game. Most games give you an hour to complete your mission.

Why Should You Try an Escape Room?
What is an escape room good for?

Sitting at home on social media or playing virtual video games have made us anti-social, lazy, and limits our ability to work well with others face-to-face.

An escape room does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit by placing you back into a world of social interaction.

Exercise Your Brain
Your brain is the most important organ in your body because without it you cannot function. There are several ways that the challenge of an escape room can strengthen your cognitive ability.

Increase attention to detail: An escape room puts you in an unfamiliar environment and demands that you notice every detail to survive the game.
Improve problem-solving skills: You have to think creatively and mathematically to solve problems that you normally do not encounter.
Heighten your memory: Clues need to be connected for you to succeed, so remembering becomes an important skill.
Sharpen your focus: Distractions can be the biggest obstacles when completing a task, but escape rooms make you focus on one thing at a time as the clock ticks away.

The mental workout involved in an escape room can even limit your changes of deterioration of the brain causing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s

Work Together
Whether you are with a few friends, the whole family, or a group of coworkers, you have to work as a team to complete the game. One person can’t solve all of the puzzles by themselves.

This forces you to listen and learn from one another, to be patient, and to gain trust.

If you are a loner, this is a great way to break the ice in a relationship. Many companies use escape rooms as team-building exercises that can be translated back in the office.

Escape Reality
For the most part, we all live pretty mundane and routine lives. Why not pretend that you are on a secret mission to save the world from aliens for an afternoon?

Escape rooms can bring out the childlike imagination in all of us. You can get into the part as much as possible. Some people dress for a certain character using costumes or makeup to get into the persona.

But, no matter how much you play the part, escaping reality is like a mini-vacation from your life that can be exciting yet safe.

Remove Stress
When you solve a puzzle, this activates the reward center of your brain. A chemical called dopamine is released, giving you the feeling of euphoria and overall happiness.

This is a great way to remove stress and boost your mood. If you are feeling sad from a messy breakup or just stressed from work, give yourself a pick me up by solving a puzzle.

Completing a task, no matter if it was a game, can increase your productivity in real life as you remove the stress and realize that life is just like a big escape room. Use the skills and lessons learned to win at life too.

Get Out of the House
The great part about escape rooms is that they are perfect for any type of weather, so there is no excuse to not get out of the house.

Playing the game is great exercise as you much quickly move around the room to find clues. Then use your hands to put together puzzles, open drawers, and rearrange objects.

You will be moving in all different directions, from squatting to reaching. Escape rooms have you using different muscles and enjoying a new atmosphere other than the typical board game in the living room.

Have Fun
That leaves one question, are escape rooms fun? Well, if you have been paying attention, then the answer is: of course!

You are rewarding yourself, gaining positive energy, meeting new or discovering old friends, and getting a workout. What could be more fun?

Exploring Escape Rooms Near You
Now when you pass by that shopping center with an obscure sign saying “escape room,” you don’t have to ask “what’s an escape room?”

Now you can start checking out the many venues and themes available in your area. You may just get hooked on this exciting new hobby.

Looking for even more new ways to have fun? Take a look at the hobbies section of our blog for great ideas.

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