In 1984, German backpack specialist, Deuter, invented the first suspended, ventilated back system which has been copied the world over. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and hasn’t put the company a bit. Instead, Deuter never stop innovating and today, it has launched a new iteration of the brand’s vaunted Aircomfort backpacks, the Deuter Futura Pro, featuring Aircomfort Sensic.

Deuter Futura Pro Backpack

Aircomfort Sensic back system is an innovative suspension back system, boasting independent back panel suspension and Ergonomic Comfort Lock (ECL) hip fins. Deuter USA President Bill Hartrampf equates the Aircomfort Sensic back system to that of a full-suspension mountain bikes. In other words, this new suspension system eliminates bobbing and instability under uphill efforts and hard braking on the downhills.

Aircomfort Sensic’s independent back panel suspension de-couples the suspended mesh back panel from the shoulder harness. Other designs attach shoulder straps directly to the trampoline back panel, causing bouncing with every step and shoulder movement. Aircomfort Sensic’s shoulder straps pass directly through the mesh suspension panel, directly to the frame, creating a solid, stable connection that eliminates shoulder-activated suspension bobbing.

Basically that translates to no more sore shoulders and hips. Obviously, that doesn’t matter if you are not venturing into the wild, but if you are, you are going to give the Deuter Futura Pro a thought. Anywho, the concept behind ECL hip fins is not something pulled out from the thin air; it was created after consulting a team of orthopedic physicians in Germany.

Deuter Futura Pro Backpack

The dual density padding in the pivoting hip belt, together with the stiffer foam in the upper portion, locks in over the iliac crest. Finally, unique, narrow anchor points for the pivoting hip belt affords a nearly 360-degree wrap to allow an evenly dispersed load displacement possible.

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The Deuter Futura Pro Backpack is available in 17 sizes, including women’s specific (SL) and extra-long torso (EL) models, with front stow pocket on panel loaders. Speaking of loaders, the top loaders further feature large front zipped access to the main compartment.

There is also a model that offer a garaged ice axe loop perfect for mountain climbers, as well as adjustable Futura Vario with integrated compression straps for a pad and tent accessible from the lower zip access.

If you are keen, you can pick up the Deuter Futura Pro Backpack today from Deuter USA website for between $120-230 (MSRP).

All images courtesy of Deuter USA.

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