I don’t believe Chewbacca wears anything at all, let alone shoes but if he did wear something other than the bandolier, it would probably be the Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog. Make no mistakes. I think the Crocs are fugly but somehow, a classic pair of Crocs lined with a plush, fluffy interior and a brown exterior (known as Espresso) with hair motifs to mimic Chewbacca’s hairy nature look super cool.

Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog “Chewbacca”

Not sure if it’s the Star Wars-themed Jibbitz charms that are playing the “you like this pair of Crocs” mind trick. But yeah, it is cool. Very cool. This toasty line version allows you to stay cozy at home which should be perfect for the impending cold season. As before, you are welcome to decorate this pair of open kicks with a selection of Jibbitz Charms (sold separately).

In addition to the Wookie cosmetics and the warm, and fuzzy interior, the Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog further boasts a lightweight and easy-to-wear design, pivoting heal straps (but with Chewbacca name spelt on it), and dual Crocs Comfort that is “blissfully supportive”, soft, and offers cradling support. While the shoe is advertised for indoors, Crocs said it is great for outdoors too.

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Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog “Chewbacca”

The Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog “Chewbacca” is available for men and women for US$69.99. It is also available for kids and toddlers.

Crocs Star Wars Lined Classic Clog “Chewbacca”

Images: Crocs.

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