If we have learned anything from See See Motorcycles’ custom Ural motorcycle coffee machine, it is sidecar is good as an espresso machine as it is for cargo or human passenger. Today, we learned yet again that coffee machine was not the only perfect match for a sidecar; a wood-fired grill is too. Folks, may we introduce you to the Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle, a motorcycle with a grill for its sidecar.

Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle

What can I say? Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle can only be described as a perfect matrimony between a motorcycle and a BBQ grill. Dreamed up by custom bike builder Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles, the Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle combines an Indian Springfield Dark Horse and a Traeger Ironwood Series 885 built into a custom sidecar to create the ultimate mobile BBQ rig ever.

The one-off custom sidecar motorcycle recently debuted at the 2019 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (August 2-11) in South Dakota. But really, a motorcycle with a functional grill is basically all you need to know. That alone kind of overshadows the hardware – both the motorcycle and the grill.

Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle

However, if you insist on a teeny weeny bit more detail… the bike is powered by a Thunder Stroke 111 V-twin motor that turns out 119 lb-ft (161.6 Nm) of torque while the high-tech grill commercial-grade stainless steel is app-enabled and boasts double side-wall insulation, a digital controller for ignition control, preheat setting and temperature, and WiFi connectivity cleverly dubbed WiFIRE that allows you to monitor the cooking progress straight from your smartphone.

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With Indian Motorcycle x Traeger Grills Motorcycle, you can take BBQ to no BBQ have ever been to, well, that’s if you can even buy one.

Images: See See Motorcycles/Traeger Grills.

Source: Uncrate.

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