Wahoo Blue SC Speed & Cadence Sensor

Wahoo Blue SC Speed & Cadence Sensor
Wahoo Blue SC Speed & Cadence Sensor | US$59.99 | www.wahoofitness.com

still drooling over the tech-laden Aston Martin One-77 Cycle and wish your budget bike have the kind of technology too? not everyone has pockets that deep to own such as a ridiculously priced ride but if you have at least $60 to spare (and owns an iPhone 4S), you could turn any ordinary bike into one with a bike computer complete with sensors. meet the the Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor, a nifty gadget that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone 4S and tracks your cycling speed, cadence, as well as distance via a free Wahoo Fitness app. the Wahoo Blue SC also keeps track of your bicycle lifetime distance through its new odometer functionality and stores the data within the device. the latter means that you don’t necessary need to have your iPhone 4S with you as long as the Blue SC is installed on your bike. a free Wahoo Fitness Odometer app syncs all your data on the device to your iPhone 4S once the two are within range, after which you can check out your bike’s lifetime mileage by week, month or year. it may not be as sophisticated as the One-77 Cycle but it does have the basic data that most casual cyclists need. though, to have your iPhone 4S mounted onto the handle bar requires additional accessory which is not included in the $59.99 price. oh, it also works with the new iPad too – just in case you ever needed a bigger dashboard computer. as for the mounting, we will never how a 10-inch tablet is going to work out on the handlebar. hit the jump for a few more look and a short clip on how to install your Wahoo Blue SC.

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