Limousine exists because, sometimes, some people need to travel in grandeur and because, it has generous space and privacy to boot. This weird contraption here, an apparent homemade 1993 Ford Festiva Limousine has none of those, save for maybe the privacy.

And yes, it is limo, alright, and that makes us think, why on Earth would anyone do that? Well, I guess because, he/she/they can. Lets face it. The Festiva, stretched or not, is never and will never be stylish. And it does not help that Festiva is never generous in interior space either.

93 Festiva Limo And Spare Parts

Anywho, the 93 Festiva Limo is real and it can be yours for $2,000, in stateside, of course. This wacky custom ride is being listed on Facebook Marketplace and so, if you like, you can pick it up for the aforementioned amount.

It is worthy to mention that you won’t be getting just a wacky, super long Festiva; it comes with spare parts too. And you probably want those because, the seller did admit that it is “about 90% complete,” which is kind of all too obvious.

I just can’t get over the also obvious disjointed part where two Festivas meet. Seriously, I can’t be only one bothered by the flat ‘M’ roof when view from the side? In any case, reassure that this weird contraption has air-conditioning (you can’t be “luxurious” without that) and it is totally road-legal. And oh, it has new exhaust too.

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Images: Facebook Marketplace.

Source: Jalopnik.

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