I think the new Honda Civic is shit-ass ugly and if you ask me, I’d stack it up along Apple AirPods in the ugliness department. Sorry, but not sorry. If you are on the same page as me (yay, high-five!), but are like me, totally drawn to its inner beauty, i.e. its fast and furious 2L i-VTEC DI Turbocharged motor that makes the Type R the fastest front-wheel-drive production car in the world, well, here is a piece of very good news for you. You need not to put up with an ugly shit car for the engine because Honda is selling you one. The engine, I mean. Yes. Really. Honda North America has announced at this year’s SEMA the availability of the Civic Type R Crate Motor, designated K20C1.

Civic Type R Crate Motor isn’t new to European and Asian amateur racers. It has been a norm to see track-going cars in those region loaded with official Type R motor, but now, for the first time, North America’s customers will get to do the same for a reasonable amount of $6,519.87 plus shipping. The catch? It is not for everyone. The 2L DOHC direct-injected i-VTEC Turbo unit, rated at 306 horses and 295 lb-ft of torque, is only available to “U.S. grassroots and professional racers for verified, closed-course racing applications through the HPD Honda Racing Line program.”

In other words, it is not for the streets and so, your dream of dropping this lusty motor into your beloved EK or EG Civic, or CRX, is pretty much dashed. Then again, that’s the official channel. If you really want one, there are always other means. But you didn’t hear from us.

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Image: Honda North America.

via Jalopnik.

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