3 BMW R 18 Custom Motorcycles Canada

BMW Motorrad just can’t get enough of people giving its new BMW R 18 motorcycle a makeover. This time around, the motorcycle customizers up north in Canada were given the opportunity to weave their magic on the new BMW R 18 motorcycle.

3 BMW R 18 Custom Motorcycles Canada

Three Canadian builders, namely, Jay Donovan from Victoria, BC, Konquer Motorcycles from Kelowna, BC, and Augment Motorworks from Toronto, were chosen to give the new BMW R 18 the look they envisioned. There are no rules, except for the bike should remain operational and road legal.

Here are the results, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Jay Donovan – R 18 Future Café.

R 18 Future Café by Jay Donovan

The R 18 Future Café is a study in metal fabrication by artisan motorcycle builder Jay Donovan. Donovan’s design began with a desire to reroute the exhaust up and over the cylinder head and straight back, ending under the seat. A fully redesigned tank and upper section in bare, polished aluminum and chopped front and rear fenders in contrasting black make for a long and sleek look.

Augment Motorworks – R 18 Tattooed Chopper.

R 18 Tattooed Chopper by Augment Motorworks

Nick Acosta from Augment Motorworks has applied the classic American chopper style to the big German boxer, which he has nicknamed “El Boxeador.” Fine, tattoo-themed paintwork paired with a sissy bar, hand-carved headlight mount, mini ape hanger handlebars, cocktail shaker exhaust, and a custom seat transform the bike into an instant classic with light-hearted touches.

Konquer Motorcycles – R 18 Diamond Custom.

R 18 Diamond Custom by Konquer Motorcycles

Rob Thiessen and his team at Konquer Motorcycles have taken the R 18 and created a factory custom dragster. Bronze Metallic paintwork and pinstriping, modified front and rear fenders, a custom seat, and a diamond motif throughout create a low-and-long, factory-custom look. In addition, gold-painted BMW roundels and an electronically adjustable exhaust help tie the new look together.

You can learn more about these awesome customs HERE.

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All images courtesy of BMW Group.