Herman Miller Special Gaming Edition Gaming Chairs

Anyone who is in the market for an upmarket gaming chair will be glad to know that the purveyor of high-end office furniture and equipment, Herman Miller, has more than Embody to offer.

In fact, it now has not one, but two Special Gaming Edition Chairs to offer and they are Aeron and Sayl. The former is for those who wish not to have their gaming chair looking like, well, a gaming chair. The latter is for those who dig avant-garde look.

Fans of Herman Miller’s products may have already noticed these chairs are based on the brand’s existing Aeron and Sayl office chairs.

For it to be a gaming chair, the Aeron has been tweaked to pitch slightly forward to promote good posture and yield max anatomical support. And then there’s adjustable armrests – in addition to the ability to adjust the tilt of the seat as well as the tension, and the height is, naturally, adjustable too.

Rounding up the gaming-focused design is an all-black colorway that, you know, matches most gaming rigs. No RGB lighting though, which it really should be the asking price of US$1,445.

The Special Gaming Edition Sayl, on the other hand, boasts unframed 3D intelligent back that has elastomer strands that stretch at where support is needed. This translates to support however the gamer may shift and thus offering ergonomics at all times.

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This version of Sayl further touts Harmonic Tilt for more natural balance of the spine and contoured seat pad. Not surprisingly, save for the backrest which is offered in a choice of colors, the Special Gaming Edition Sayl is in black because, well, it is a gaming chair. It is available as now with a starting price of US$725.

For gamers who prefer a gaming chair that is based on science and desire a gaming chair that does not look like a typical gaming chair, Herman Miller Special Gaming Edition Gaming Chairs may be worthy of the consideration. Of course, that’s provided that you have the dough to drop.

Images: Herman Miller.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.