Clearly, Vietnam-based woodwork artist ND Woodworking Art is not content with just scale wooden model of the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador S. The man recently took wood crafted car model to the next level: creating a wooden kiddie ride.

Wood Crafted Lamborghini Sian Kiddie Ride

Woodworking Art’s latest creation is based on the Raging Bull marque’s first hybrid hypercar: Lamborghini Sian. It took the woodwork artist 65 days to craft the first-ever wooden Lamborghini Sian kiddie ride for his son and the result pretty speaks for itself.

It is awesome looking Sian iteration. Not only can it be driven, but it can accommodate a grown person too. Ermm, it looks like a tight fit for an adult, but it will fit, alright.

Wood Crafted Lamborghini Sian Kiddie Ride

The amount of details the man had put into making this kiddie ride can only appreciate by viewing the entire build video. And did we mention it has a pair of functional scissor doors that can be opened remotely?

This child is fortunate to have ND Woodworking Art as his father! Skip ahead for the said video.

Images: YouTube (ND Woodworking Art).

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